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Monday, November 28, 2005

High Speed Internet?

I have investigated using a High Speed Internet Service recently. I checked out Comcast (cable), and Verizon (DSL). The reason I looked into these two is we already have basic service with both.

Comcast is ridiculous...

They offer $19.95 for the first 6 months if you already have cable in your house. After that it goes up to $45.95 a month. This is above and beyond my basic cable bill. All equipment is extra (prices vary depending on what you need). If you don't have the basic cable, the pricing is $59.95 a month plus equipment and installation. Make sure your computer is compatible with the service, you may need to upgrade your Memory, Processor speed, or get additional cards (ie. USB or Ethernet). You also have to use their Home Page and E-mail. The only advantage is the high speed is up to 6Mbps.

Verizon is a lot cheaper...

They start at $14.95 per month for 768Kbps with an option of getting a wireless router to add up to 4 additional computers for a one time fee of $19.95. You can get up to 3Mbps for $19.95 for months 2-3 and $29.95 months 4-12. These 2 need a contract for 1 year and require Verizon phone service. The third option is Month to Month, $37.95 per month.

All Three are Free for the First Month. Any equipment is included in the service, however if you need any add-on's inside your computer, that is up to you (ie. USB or Ethernet cards). The Biggest Drawback for me is availibility... It's not availible in my area yet, even though I already have the phone service. The excuse is there needs to be a Routing Station within 18,000 FEET of my house (around 3 miles). They don't know when it will be availible.

I don't make enough money with my computer to justify Cable, and there is NO Router Station close enough to me for DSL.

So, at this point I will just SUFFER with DIAL-UP.

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