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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A New Approach to Making Money on the Internet

I am trying something New today. I already have links on this page that are related to Working at Home, on the Internet and Computer Enhancement.
I am starting a New Page that is Ads, Just Ads. It will be broken down into catagories, i.e. Computers and Components, Sports Equipment, etc. The reasoning behind this is to Make Money on the Internet. No trying to trick people into responding to ads, just straight forward Advertising.
Hopefully, this approach will attract people who Actually are Looking for something to Buy.
If you want to Advertise on this Page, or have an Affiliate Link you would like included, Please E-Mail details of your requirements.
Of course, there will be a link here to the New Site...Ads, Just Ads.

If you were on the new Home Page and got transferred here through a link in an article,
Please Click Here to Return to Working at Home on the Internet (the New and Improved Version).

For your convience:
E-Mail Questions

Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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