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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Problems with your computer can always creep up...
I spent most of the day trying to improve modem speed. I use Internet Explorer with the dial-up that is included in the Windows XP package. That is all well and good when the IP you use works, but when AO Hell changed their propriatary dial-up protocol last month (I used it without loading AO Hell on my computer) it won't accept my login code even though I pay for their service on my wife's computer.
NOW I use dial-up from an account I have with Yahoo, (used to be 56k) and the best I can get is 24k. Usually, it connects at 19.2k.
The reason is that ALL of the IP's are pushing Broadband...
I wouldn't need Broadband if they would keep their service at 56k, which is what I PAY FOR!!!
I may change the name of this Blog to I HATE AO HELL & YAHOO!
I may add more to the hate list soon...
Broadband, DSL, Cable, are find if you need them, but NOT for $29.99 ABOVE the $29.99 I ALREADY PAY FOR ACCESS TO THEIR SERVICE...
I hope some other people are as angry as I am...

Good Luck! (me too)

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