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Monday, October 31, 2005

What are Meta Tags?

Third and last installment from advice: (it helps to have a knowledge of HTML)

When creating an HTML page, there's a section at the top of the code called the HEAD area. This section starts with and ends with . within this section are the TITLE and all META tags. The most useful META tags are the description and keywords tags.

META Description -- Use the META description to enter a 2 sentence, keyword-rich explanation of what your Web site or business contains or does. Keep this as short as possible while still providing a quality description.
Use this format: < content="enter your description here" name="description">

META Keywords -- Use the META keywords to enter multiple keywords, typically seperated by commas. Keep this to a maximum of 150 characters. Again, do not enter too many keywords or use irrelevant keywords (ie. pamela anderson or pokemon) just to get traffic!
Use this format: < content="enter your keywords here" name="keywords">

Be sure to add a proper page title that includes your top keyword(s) and possibly your company or sitename.

Here's a good example:

What do search engines look for?

Search engines look for quality text content. As stated above, the search engines can't read your graphics, flash presentations or dynamic content. However, they typically do index most of the text on your pages. Write, write and write again! The key to top search engine placement is good quality text information.

Be sure to include detailed explanations while tasefully repeating important keywords to achieve the correct keyword density. Of utmost importance is to create a keyword-rich Web site without offending your visitors or setting off any red flags with the search engines.

Once again, do not just keep repeating keywords for keywords sake. Repeat them just enough to increase your relevancy without sounding unprofessional to your site visitors. THIS IS A FINE LINE!

Because creating a keyword-rich Web site can be very difficult, it may be beneficial to hire a professional to optimize your Web site for you. There are many professional services that will analyze your Web site and help you make it search engine friendly.

Hope these words of advice help...

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