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Sunday, November 06, 2005

"There are just so many things to think of and do all the time, maybe I should just give up".
That IS NOT a good way to begin a day of Working at Home!!!
Too many times we become impatient when things aren't going quickly enough. It is easy to fall into a "give up" attitude. Sometimes things just don't move fast enough, we don't see the results we expect.
I think ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE are very high on the list when you are SELF EMPLOYED. Patience is way up there too, especially when you are just starting ANY Business.
Little things going your way... people responding to ads, getting comments and suggestions, getting clicks and views... You know what you are looking for, is good for any Business Person.
Good responses help in keeping a good ATTITUDE, and DOES bolster CONFIDENCE.
Aim for a way to generate the RESPONSES you are seeking. Use Ads and other forms of promoting you BUSINESS. The only thing I WOULD NOT try is Bulk E-mail... It turns me off and I'm sure it would turn your customers off as well.
I have seen so many Pop-up and Banner ads, that I tend to ignore them. If people are interested in what you are saying, you can use more discrete Text or Picture ads to get your product noticed.

Boost My Attitude and Confidence by responding with any of the many options available...

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