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Monday, April 17, 2006

Attracting the Non-Techi to Your Site

There was a post on ProBlogger the other day by guest writer Carolyn Goodwin* in which she asks how to attract non-techi types to her site.

Other than the standard ways of trying to attract customers to a Website or Blog, there are a few that may help attract the computer challenged client. Include your Web and Blog address on all of your hard copies.

~~ Put your Site Name along with the URL on your business cards.

~~ Include them in the Head and/or Foot of all stationary.

~~ Put them in a prominent place on proposals and presentations.

~~ Use them on any fliers and handouts .

~~ Advertisements in newspapers and magazines should have them.

Most people have at least access to a computer these days, so you should try to include the less than computer savvy customer. Invite them along for the ride, and they may just come along. But they will never know unless you tell them where to find you on the internet.

How do you attract the non-techi customer? What would you add to the list?

How to Attract Readers?

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