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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Respect Your Customers (Readers)

This is one of those posts that can go in different directions. I read a post over at The Future of the Web* where Jesse is questioning the direction of his Blog. Right after that I read a post on Successful Blog**, where Liz talks about treating customers as people.

They are related in at least two ways. Respect and Mutual Respect.


Liz... Respect the customer, treat them as you would like to be treated, as a person, not a number or sale, etc. You will be supprised at the response.

Jesse... Write what you think is important, but respect your readers wishes and what they think is important.

Mutual Respect:

Liz... If you treat your customer with respect they will respect your brand, and you personally. They will refer you to others due to the fact that you dealt with them as a person, not a number.

Jesse... He respects his readers enough to re-think his content. At last look in his comments for that post, most of his readers respect what he is trying to present and are offering support for his efforts.

It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with customers directly, eye to eye, or with unknown people through your writing, you must remember that they are PEOPLE. If you treat them with respect, they will be more responsive to your ideas and continue to return.

Don't forget: What goes around, comes around... You get what you give... One good turn deserves another... and a lot of other proverbs.

What is your experience with giving or getting respect? How did it make YOU feel?

*The Future of the Web
**Successful Blog

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