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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Future of Blogging

I received an E-Mail from Noor, an International Journalism Major, in which he asks about the future of Blogging. He alludes to the way information and news was and is broadcast during the War on Iraq through personal web logs.

In actuality, there were quite a few Blogs that have come out of that conflict. There was one in particular that was written on a daily basis through out a jounalists stint in Iraq, he is a former colonel in the US military. I can't remember his name or the name of his Blog. ( I am out of town, and don't have access to my home files).

This journalist wrote of his (and the platoon he was with) experiences every day, he also included pictures of the events as they occurred.

I am really supprised there are not more writers and journalists that take advantage of the Blogging Medium. But, with instant publishing, I am sure that there is more than a little opposition by the Main Stream Media. They have no control of what information gets out to the general public. The military probably isn't too happy with it either.

I think that as Blogging grows, and gains the respect of the MSM, you will see more and more Blogs under the heading of major news distributors. The local newspaper here has a print journalist that writes his own Blog, and they include excerpts of it in their hardcopy.

So, as long as we who use Blogging as a tool, and not just a play thing, the exposure of exceptional writers will emerge. I do not think that Blogging will replace the MSM, but it could be a valued addition once it gains the respect it deserves.

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