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Friday, June 23, 2006

Response to a Good Idea

In response to my request the other day to the Help Build the Community* post, Jesse Skinner wrote:

I'd be interested in learning about different tools available to people working
at home.. like software that helps you keep track of your time and billing,
different ways to communicate with people (video chat, skype, etc.), that kind
of stuff. Not just software but different techniques, even if it's as simple as
pen & paper

Ok, here is a start. Normally I would include this in my Weekly Helpful Reads, but since it was requested specifically, I want to share something I found through ProBlogger**.

Brian Benzinger over at Solution Watch*** has compiled quite a list of online services and programs to help in keeping organized with an online business.

~~ To Do Lists... 5 online To Do Lists + 20 other To Do Lists

~~ Online Planners... Only 2, but there are links.

~~ Start Pages... Including Google Module To Do List for your Google Start Page

~~ Calendars... A few calendars that have To Do Lists included.

There are quite a few different ways in which to keep track of things you want to accomplish in your business planning that Brian presents in this well thought out list. Visit his page to get a synopsis of each service.

I am going to try some of these out in the next little while and do some reviews to let you know what I thought. If you write a review of any of these services, please share them with us.

Referenced Links:
* Help Build the Community
** ProBlogger
*** Solution Watch

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