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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Lost Art of Editing Yourself

I was reading a post by ME "Liz" Strauss over at Successful Blog this morning and it got me thinking about different approaches to editing posts and how many people don't seem to bother reading their own work.

One of my pet peeves is reading posts on sites written by professionals that couldn't pass a 5th grade English test.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. seem to be a forgotten art. Most can't be bothered with writing a complete thought. "BTW", "IMO", "LOL" have become the norm.

If you depend on the written word to get your point across, be professional, use proper terminology. If your business uses acronym's, give a definition at least once, early in your article.

You should proof-read your own work. Use spell-check. Have someone read it for you. Read it yourself. Try to ensure your work is presentable, something you would find enjoyable reading yourself. No one wants to read something they feel needs to be corrected.

In one of my polls, not long ago, I asked how many of you worked strictly on the internet (67%) and how many worked mainly on your home computer (33%). The reason I bring that up is... How do you handle your own editing and proof-reading?

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