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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Parallel Super Highways for a Fee

The other day I read an article by Reuters about broadband providers wanting to charge additional fees for high-speed services. I just got DSL not that long ago and think my fees are high enough.

At present I can access anything I need to conduct business on the internet. Speed is not a problem at this point. But some Broadband, Cable and DSL providers want to charge extra for additional speed. They want to create a parallel internet and charge for it's use, through their services. If you need to download videos and the like, you may have to pay more.

Years ago, the inventors of the internet found it is cheaper and more efficient to have one superhighway. Much like having a freeway and building a parallel highway, it would be easier and cheaper just to add more lanes to the existing road. The same is true of the present internet, just upgrade existing services.

Fees for access to a free internet are contradictory to say the least. This type of setup could outprice small and startup businesses on the internet. That could force some who Work at Home on the Internet out of business.

How would this affect your online business?

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