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Friday, March 03, 2006

Loss of Readership

For some reason readership has dropped 75% since the beginning of the week. I have found the same drop in the FeedBurner subscriptions. I doubt it was because of the polls, but you never know.

The only difference is that I added the HaloScan trackbacks around the same time as the drop off. It doesn't seem to work too well anyway, as none the trackbacks I have tried showed up. I have heard scuttlebut that the service interferes with Search Engines, but that the problem supposedly was fixed.

Guess not... I'm going to give it a few more days, just to make sure because I like the new comment feature. Maybe I can use just that and forget about the trackbacks until the problem is fixed.

Besides, the Forum that they have for such things never gives a response. The only thing you see there is other people having problems. And they never seem to get any answers either.

I don't really want to bad mouth HaloScan, but there is either a very big coincidence, or I'm just plain boring. (I hope it's not the latter).

Have any of you tried HaloScan? Are you having similar problems?

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