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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Snapshot of Working at Home

A recent press release from SonicWall Inc. gave the results of a Work at Home (remote worker) Survey. It apparently shows that the greater freedom of out-of-office workers helps keep workloads up-to-date and reduces bad tempers.

Here are some of the results of 941 participants world wide...


76% of employees surveyed said they were more productive.
61% of their managers agreed.


88% stored passwords in easy to find places.
12% used encripted passwords.
56% relied on memory.
4% used the same password for all their devices.

Personal Habits:

39% of both sexes wear sweats
12% of males wear nothing
7% of females wear nothing

44% of women showered
30% of men showered
33% of men shaved

18% of men take a break to do chores
38% of women do the same

Couldn't do at Office:

35% eat and drink at various times
45% listen to music
28% watch TV
21% take an afternoon nap
12% take a longer lunch

Accessing Work:

80% never lost temper with support staff
40% experience problems accessing corporate network
50% access applications other than E-mail
50% accessed corporate network daily
86% accessed corporate network several times a week
22% used cell phones or PDA's

What does all this show? I'm not really sure, but I saw myself in a couple of the catagories, so I thought it was an interesting snapshot of Working at Home.

How many of the catagories will you admit to being in?

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At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Steve said...

An other new site with work from home stuff is the .
It might be usefull to some people.


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