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Monday, June 12, 2006

The DO List of Blogging

Quite often I see posts about blogging and the author tells you what NOT to do. I guess they think reverse psychology works better than just telling you what are the best things TO DO.

So, I have complied 10 things I think you should do in order to portray your blog in a favorable light. This is my DO LIST:

~~ Write Good Content... Content is the reason people come to your blog. They are seeking information that you are trying to provide, so give them what you want. In my post Content is King I go into greater detail on the subject.

~~ Post Frequently... Posting at frequently will help expose your blog, the more you post, the faster Search Engines will pick you up. It also helps your readers know when and how often you post.

~~ Use Titles for Links... When linking to other... Blogs, Articles or Previous Posts, use the Title of the Link. It better explains what a reader should expect if they click a link you referenced.

~~ Link to Previous Posts... This serves to give your readers additional information that you have previously written on the subject. It will also draw them further into your Blog and could encourage them to surf around there a little more.

~~ Author Picture... This is something I just recently did myself. Put a picture of yourself in the About Me section of your Blog. Even one as bad as mine seems to make a blog a more friendly place to visit.

~~ About... Use this to describe yourself, your ideas and what you are trying to provide with your Blog. If you use Blogger and have more than one blog, this could be a little tricky to word correctly because it shows on all of your blogs. I have to rework mine to be more descriptive, but remain generic enough to fit all of them.

~~ Domain Name... Your Domain Name should reflect your main objective, mine should be working at home(dot)com or something similar, however my company was named long before I started any of my Blogs. I have been looking for a domain name that fits my profile, but so far nothing fits and I can't see getting the wrong one.

~~ Categorize Posts... If you have been writing for some time on a subject in any niche, you will no doubt write posts that fit in certain categories. If you put posts in a category, people will be able to find whatever information you can provide. This will help navigation and again, draw visitors deeper into your blog.

~~ Link to Sources... If you are providing news or information from another source, Link to It. Be sure to provide your readers with good information and where you found it. This will create a more loyal readership.

~~ Link to Other Blogs... Your readers will probably enjoy knowing what blogs you read since most are probably related one way or another to your niche. This will also help with SEO and Blog Search Engines.

I know there are more than 10 things that can be done to enhance a Blog. What have I missed? Can you add to the list?

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At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Tania from Germany said...

next try:

Hey Joe,
great list and fine opportunity to recheck my own list. I’m in the midst of creating my own blog.
What do I have to add?
- Authors picture: I’m appealed to a personal picture of the author because it makes me feel welcome. A symbolic pic isn’t so inviting to me. I have visited lots of blogs recently and I’m observing very closely how I respond to what I see. – BTW your’s is surprisingly ok with me even though I was the one who wanted you to look for a „better“ one. 
- Domain Name: I discern into three sections. Address, permanent headline and permanent subtitle. My work is so difficult to classify that I use the three-fold to make it somehow more recognizable or at least attracting.
- About: When I click someone’s About and I find there looong lists of what they’ve done I instantly got turned off. So what I figured is that I can use About more to describe HOW I am and so I hope giving the reader a tangible hint of me. At the same time it seems to me the reader is getting a glimpse of WHAT I’m up to.
This has been adding in a sense of fine-tuning.

#11 Comment: To me it’s all about communication with my readers. What way? What kind? What about RSS and tools like that? Here I’m actually having more questions than answers how to do it. At the same time I can never forget the quote Liz is always referring to „Half the show is in the comment.“
And that for sure makes a great blog.

#12 Archive: How to do it? I have one blog bookmarked where the author has made her archive a chronological directory with all the headlines of her posts. And there too are sections which are archived in the same way. I find this very reader-friendly and love roaming there. (

#13 Design

I’m sweating now...;-)


At 12:28 PM, Blogger ME Strauss said...

Hi Joe,
One thing I've run into lately is blogs that make you login or register to comment and blogs that don't leave a way to contact the blogger. I've had the occasion where I've wanted to tell the blogger that something was broken on his blog and I had no way to let him know, because he'd left no email or way of contacting him, and I didn't feel comfortable leaving the information in his comment field.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Tania from Germany, (I just love saying that)
I did get your E-mai about Blogger comments, but I guess they were fixed because your comment is here now. And no I didn't put it here, it happened all by itself.

Thanks about the pic, I will get a good one someday, I promise.

I think domain names are important for SEO as well much as anything else, see my next post.

I agree with your comments and archive comment, I think I succeeded in making them more user friendly.

Design is for designers... ;-)


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Liz,

I have had the same problem in the past, that's why I try to be as accessible as possible.

Tania had a problem with comments and sent an email to tell me about it. (Thanks Tania)

I wish I didn't have to use the word verification for comments, but I was getting way too much spam. (I have to use it too)

I do know how you are about improper comments. ;-)



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