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Friday, June 23, 2006

HELP!!! Changing to WP and Won't Work

I have broken... I have given up on Blogger...

I bought a Domain

It is Hosted on BlueHost...

I Downloaded Wordpress...

I unzipped the file...

Now, I'm Stuck !@#$%^&*()**(*&^

It was supposed to be one of the easier installations for WP using a host they recommend. Easy installation (or so they say) and in a few steps you will have your own Blog on your own Domain.

Don't believe it...

Chris Cree!!! You just went through this, Please Help. Or anyone else that has had to deal with this transfer of a Blog from one server to another.

I can't afford to pay anything else (this is already costing $166.80 for a 2 year stint) but I would appreciate any help anyone could give.


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At 9:13 PM, Anonymous DavidC said...

Hi Joe

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I don't use Wordpress, so I'm not at all familiar with the installation. Still, I'm willilng to try to help however I can. Can you describe the trouble you're having?

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey DavidC,

So far, I think it's just me. ;-)

I did have problems after downloading the WP program, but I spoke with BlueHost's support and fixed that lickity split.

Now, I think the problem is a matter of swimming since I jumped in with both feet.

I think BlueHost was a good choice for hosting since they actually helped me within 5 minutes of dialing the phone.

I hope I made the right decision. Check out my new site Monday or Tuesday and I hope to have things running at least.



(I just panicked)

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Lyman Reed said...

Hi Joe,

I'm glad you've got it going for now! If you need any help, feel free to email me... I've switched a few blogs from blogger to wordpress.

Good luck!

At 10:09 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Lyman,
Thanks, I know there will be more than a few things I'll run into, especially moving from Blogger ;-)

Right now I am looking at different themes I may use. They are limited, and the one's I did find are strang to say the least.

Not to worry, you will probably get more than one email from me asking for help.



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