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Friday, December 02, 2005

Chitika Audit

The newest buzz I got about Chitika is about their Audit performed yesterday. Apparently, there are some really dissatisfied publishers.

As you may or may not know, Chitika keeps a tally of Unaudited Clicks from a publishers site. They audit on a monthly basis. This is stated up front when you join. They also discount any invalid multiple clicks and clicks from Asian countries and South America. (They do not service these places)

The reports I've heard vary from 10% to 90% discounted, therefore a loss of revenue in corresponding amounts. Most of the people complaining are (by their own admission) getting a lot of clicks from the non-service areas.

The biggest problem I see is that they only audit once a month. If they audited weekly or better yet daily, I think they would have less of a public relations problem. Don't forget, Chitika is a new Advertiser, and just out of Beta.

Personally, I intend to continue to keep Chitika on my site, they have been good to me so far.
If you would like more info on the subject I suggest reading Darren's write-up at ProBlogger.

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