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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Keywords and Old Posts

One way of attracting readers to your site is by using Keywords in the Titles of your posts. Another is using them within your content.

While that is an advantage to new visitors, it doesn't provide real access to the same content to your regular readers. There are as many ways of displaying older posts to current readers as there are Bloggers and WebMasters.

There is the default Archives, but that just shows the month it was written. It doesn't give Names, Dates, Previews or anything else that would help someone find what they are looking for.

Some other options are linking within posts to older articles, provide a list in the sidebar, use a drop down menu (also uses archive format), or installing a search bar for your site. These options depend upon which type of site you own, and your preferences.

Since I use Blogger, this blog is limited in which options I can use. But, I feel it is important enough, I need to include some type of link to older posts to provide you with access to things that are relevant to you.

In reviewing keyword statistics, there are some posts that stand out as landing pages. In other words, what people are searching for in their quest to run a Work at Home Business.

So, there will be a list of most requested pages in the sidebar as soon as it is compiled. It will take some effort to rearrange the sidebar, but I think it may be worth it to provide better access to those who want to read some of the most requested posts.

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