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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google SiteMaps and Blogger II

A little while back (here) I complained how Google Sitemaps couldn't verify this Blog.

Well, it still can't, but I don't think it makes much of a difference. I did a little analysis of my statistics for page views and search engines used to find all of my sites. The results supprised me a little.

While I had basically no (0) searches from Google prior to the usage of Google Sitemaps, the increase after implementation is (to me) astounding. What is more astounding is there was almost no change for the Webpage, before and after using Sitemaps. It seems that the Webpage was already getting indexed.

Since the PolBlog is so new, I will not include it in the stats, but here are the rest:


MSN... 53.49%
Google... 39.53%
Sympatico... 6.98%


MSN... 86.11%
Google... 8.33%
Sympatico... 5.56%

WAH Archive (yes, I included it and you can see why)

MSN... 0%
Google... 100%

These statistics do not include searches such as Technorati, Blogspot, Eaton Web or referrals from other sites such as Blog links or Forums.

The reason I presented these statistics is to let you know that even though SiteMaps cannot Verify your Blog, it is still worth using to get indexed by Google. If you are indexed, you will show up in searches. And that is the main way people will find your site.

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