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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Overwhelming Work Load

Keeping up with what needs to be done can sometimes overwhelm us. When I started the new Category list for the sidebar, it seemed simple enough.

It was difficult in the beginning, but has gotten easier as I go along. Once the main list was compiled, it became a matter of remembering to update within each link. The most difficult is actually remembering to do it.

The same is true of starting new pages, such as my Webpage, PolBlog and Freeware Blog. It seemed easy. Start a new page, update it regularly and continue to find new things to write about.

It seems some days are easier than others. I didn't update the Webpage for over a week. The PolBlog had to wait until something important had to be said. The Freeware Finds Blog, has just been put aside until I can find new products that are free to the consumer.

I have been spending some time updating some of my sites, and will update the others when I can. Up until now, I would just update when I thought of something for each site. Sometimes forgetting to update or running out of time altogether.

This does not even include taking care of some of the other computers for which I am responsible. They have to take priority, so I need to adjust to emergencies as they arise.

At this point I think it is time for a new game plan. I need to reset priorities, list what has to be done, how often, and in what order. That has to become my priority, and everything should fall into place.

How do you handle your work load when you seem to get overwhelmed?

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At 11:31 AM, Blogger Jesse Skinner said...

Well I usually read some blogs, go out to eat something, maybe see what's on TV.

Either that, or I start making excuses for why I don't need to get the work done in the first place.

Seriously though - I guess all you can do is prioritise, get the things done that affect other people first, make personal sacrifices where necessary, and if this means giving up things that are just nice-to-have, so be it.

If you have clear long-term goals in mind, it should be easy to see what stays and what can go.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Jesse,

I know what you mean by making excuses. :-)

The problem is that the problem doesn't really go away. A break is what works for me, I go sit outside, get some fresh air and reinvigorate.



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