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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How to Get Depressed

Do you want to become depressed? Or at the least, disillusioned?

Read other peoples statistics. That is probably one of the easiest ways. I check my stats daily (a few times, OK?) as I'm sure most of you do. I don't usually give any numbers if I'm writing about them, I normally use percentages to demonstrate trends or fluctuations.

I read 2 different posts by different Bloggers today, one has been blogging for a few years, the other less than a month. Both have numbers that I would die for.

The one who has been around for a while has feed subscribers in the thousands, and I'm quite sure they are loyal and the number of readers is in the thousands daily. I'm hoping that if I'm still around the same amount of time, I will have such good numbers.

The one that depresses me is the latter of the two. He's been around for less than a month, and he has (according to him) numbers that would put him on the "B" list at least. The numbers he is giving are astounding if true. He seems to get as many visits a day as I get in 4 or 5.

I've been around for a little over seven months. As far as I know, my content isn't all that bad, and I do all the pinging and SEO and linking to others as much as anyone. I just don't seem to be getting the results that others seem to be getting.

It is possible that my niche is that much more restricted than theirs? I'm sure there are more than just a couple of hundred people a week looking to work at home. Maybe, I lost my direction and drifted to far from topic. Possibly I'm just not knowledgeable enough on the subject.

What do you think I need to work on? How can I improve my standing? My statistics?

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At 5:00 AM, Blogger Jesse Skinner said...

You know, I'm wondering the same thing myself.. I've been blogging for over a year now, and it feels like I'm stuck. Actually, in the past month I've started to see a boost. My feedburner subscriptions have gone from 11 to 20!

I don't really know the secret. Maybe commenting on other blogs helps. I just got over 100 visitors from a comment I wrote on a web designer's blog yesterday!

Just keep at it.. keep doing what you love, trying to get the word out, soon enough you'll get your turn.

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Jesse,

I saw the same type of spike the other day after Darren @ PB linked to me for that blogging project he had.

As you said, I think we just need to stick with it, and good days will get here soon enough.

Stay tuned, Blogtipping day is here...



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