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Friday, May 26, 2006

My Contribution to the Highly Effective Blogger Project

Darren of has a project going on this week. It's called "Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers". As a group project he already has 48 contributors listed. I'm hoping to make it in time on the last day.

So, here are some things I think are necessary to be Effective in Blogging...

~~ Write Good Content... I have mentioned may times the importance of writing good relevant content. With good content you will undoubtedly keep your readers interested in your topic.

~~ Be Consistent... Stay on topic as much as possible, use related subject matter. Post on a regular basis, so that your readers know when to expect something new. It can be daily, weekly or multiple posts in a day, just remain consistent.

~~ Be Active on Your Blog... Invite your visitors to comment on each post you write, then be sure to join in the conversation with them. This is a good way to bring readers back for more.

~~ Be Active on Other Blogs... If you comment on other Blogs, you will expose yourself to other potential readers. Just be sure to leave relevant comments, no one likes purely self-promotional comments.

~~ Be Active in Forums... Find forums that are related to the subject you write about on your site. Join in the conversation there. Again, be sure to be relevant, not spam-like.

~~ Be Original... As the quote at the top of the page says "Don't be the one that copies others, be the one that others copy." Try to do something that no one else does in your niche. Just be yourself, you are unique.

~~ Don't be Afraid to Share Links... If you find something that may be of interest to your readers on another Blog, provide a link. Your readers will appreciate what you are doing for them, and likely return because you provide them with good information.

~~ Don't be Afraid to Change... Being consistent doesn't mean you have to stick to something that isn't working on your site. Whether it is Ads, Layout or anything else that doesn't work, change it to something that does.

These are far from the only ways to find success and be effective Blogging. They can really be applied to almost any work at home situation.

Can you think of any other ways to be an effective Blogger? Share some of your ideas in comments, you know I always answer.

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