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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liz Strauss Will Interview Here Soon

Every day I visit certain Blogs to see what is happening in the Big Bad Blogosphere. One of the blogs I read on a consistent basis is Successful Blog. It is always informative and entertaining as well. Most likely because Liz Strauss is very active in her comments after any post.

I have asked Liz if she would do an interview for me on her Work at Home experience. She accepted without hesitation, probably because she's the nice one.

I am not trying to turn this blog into any type of Blogging Celebrity page. I just think that some of the experiences that professional, "been there, done that" Bloggers who Work at Home on the Internet can help us all.

I'll let you know when both Liz's and Darren's interviews will be published so you will have the opportunity to share in their thoughts about Working at Home.


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