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Saturday, May 27, 2006

What Do You Think...?

... about the new layout of the Blog. Most of the changes have been subtle. Some have not.

When I moved the sidebar around to make navigation easier, there were some major changes. I had to rearrange my profile, remove some non-profitable advertisements and move things around in general.

After that came the overabundance of AdSense occurrences. At first I tried moving the ads to the end of the page keeping a full week of posts on the first page. The AdSense revenue dropped dramatically.

Then I tried to just shorten the page to just a few days, keeping the ad layout the same. There was no improvement whatsoever. Which brings us to the present layout.

Since AdSense is my main source of revenue, I put the ads back the way they were originally, showing at the end of each post. So as to not be in breach of the Google Terms of Service, I shortened the page to just two days. That in turn left a whole lot of white space.

Hence, I removed the List of Resources from the sidebar and moved them to the white space below the posts. I still thought there was just too much missing. That is why I put the Last 10 Posts Links after the second post. I think this should make it easier to find the last couple of posts prior to what is shown .

Another major change was the (more...) addition. The reasons are twofold: First is that if there are any longish posts I can show a snippet and give access to the whole post. Second is this is the best way I found to expand comments, so they show as a conversation and possibly entice more people to comment on whatever subject is being discussed.

There were a lot of minor changes that were made over the past few months, most of which I have forgotten about, these were some of the major adjustments to the layout I have made.

What do you think, do you like the new layout? Do you think the page is too short? Too long?

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