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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The WP Ordeal

Ok, this is harder than I thought. I got a new Domain That's fine. I got WordPress installed. That's fine.

They only give you 2 templates to use. So, I downloaded one that may be a good choice. Now I can't get it to upload so I can use it!?!

I will be working on this for probably the whole weekend , if not FOREVER...

I will be talking to the help desk for BlueHost more than one time over the weekend, if they happen to be working, I don't know yet, I haven't called today yet.

Tomorrow, I will still have the This Weeks Helpful Reads post, and there are some good links, so enjoy. I will also be updating on my progress throughout this ordeal. So stay tuned.

If you were on the new Home Page and got transferred here through a link in an article,
Please Click Here to Return to Working at Home on the Internet (the New and Improved Version).

For your convience:
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Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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