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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paying for Opportunity

A subject that keeps coming up in all the Work at Home Forums, is the question... "Is this company real or a scam?"

Most times you can tell by how they present themselves.

1. Should I send money first?

If they want you to pay money upfront, it probably is not a good idea. There are Companies out there that offer a business opportunity, which could be construed as an Investment in Ones Future. They are few and far between, but they are out there. Make sure to investigate them in depth. Is there a contact person, a physical address, a phone number? If you can't reach them Before you Invest, what are your chances of reaching them for Payment?

2. What about Taking Surveys?

There are at least as many Paid Surveys out there as people wanting to take surveys. The main problem I found with them is you get paid for "Completed Surveys". Sounds innocuous, huh? You take the survey they supply, not too bad yet, they then redirect you to page after page of Ads for co-sponsors, where you must complete (buy) at least One of Their Offers. Then you Wait until your check clears before you get credit. Some people can actually make more money than they spend on these offers. Unfortunately, I wasn't one.

3. How about MLM's?

There are quite a few good companies out there where you can make money. You will have to Investigate as suggested previously, but Many are Companies you already know. Make sure you are dealing with a company that has a good reputation. Ask people who have dealt with them before. You may have to Invest some money, but it could be worth your while if you find the right sponsor. Just watch out for the ones that want you to buy their product as a prerequisite, whether you sell anything or not.

4. Can I make money surfing for a company?

I have not tried this type approach. I have heard of some companies that will pay you to surf the web. I have also heard mixed reviews. Some will pay you to surf, but you have to recruit other people to do the same. I personally Don't like this approach, I don't want to use my friends and family to make a living. I have heard some good things about this type of company, some do pay, but I don't think I will be doing it anytime soon.

5. What about Freelancing?

This is something I have considered for myself. There are many good companies to be found on the Internet. Most you have to Bid for a position, this is not to say Pay, rather, suggest a price you are willing to accept for your service. This may be something for you to consider if you have a marketable service (writing, editing, web design).

I did not include company names as I feel it would be inappropriate if I did not deal with them directly.

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