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Monday, December 26, 2005

Holiday Blues, A Time to Look Ahead

It seem that this is the Wrong Time of Year to make money on the Internet.

From everything I have read, the end of the year is when Everyone's Stats Drop. From Readership to CPM's, the bottom seems to drop out. When they fall, so does the Income.

All of My Favorite Sites, Blogs and Forums are like Ghost Towns. Visiting them is like Shouting as the Train goes by, No one hears you.

Some sites have had Posts like the one I did yesterday, or nothing at all. The only one I visited that had Anything of Interest was ProBlogger, and since Darren is on Holiday, as they say in Australia, He has Guest Writers Posting in his place. He is spending his time on the Beach (it's Summer Down Under).

I, however, will continue to post. I think this is a Good time to Build Readership, since there isn't too much happening around the Blogoshphere.

Working at Home on the Internet is an ongoing process, so I feel that people are still looking for opportunities and advice on the subject.

I will be spending More Time Researching, trying to Improve My Blog. I will also be Working on My Other Sites with the Same Intent and Determination.

Some things you can look for in the Future are: Lists of Scam vs. Valid companies, Various Business Opportunities I have come across, and Ongoing Tips, Advice and How To's.

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Good Luck in YOUR Endeavors


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