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Friday, January 06, 2006

Redeployment of Info

Something I continually try to take into consideration, After Content, is the aesthetics of the Blog. If it doesn't look good, or things are too hard to find, people will go elsewhere for the information that I try to provide.

If you have visited a few times (and I hope you have), then you may notice some of the small changes that have taken place over time.

When I first started I had a big problem on placement of just about everything. This includes Ads, Contact info, References, Referrals, Links and so on. As I have noticed on other Blogs and Websites I have visited, I am more likely to try something new when it is related to either the content or the overall theme of the site.

Placement of specific items is important, not only to the person reading the information, but to the writer as it helps to define how different items are received. If you want someone to "click" on something it should be prominent, but not overpowering. If something is contained in the Body of the Post, people will have a tendency to at least try the link.

This is something I do periodically, but Only if the link is of some importance to the context of the article itself. I have seen some Posts on different Sites that put unimportant links within the content just to try to get come affiliate points.

I have place Most of the Ads (sponsored links, income streams) in the sidebar. Others were placed in the template so they would be out of the way of the Posts themselves. I removed the affiliate links that were Below the Posts. I never really did like them there, but placed them there upon suggestion (from the affiliate).

I also added to and moved the Resources portion in the Sidebar as to be more effective and helpful. None of the changes are too noticable, but hopefully are displayed in a more pleasing manner.

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