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Friday, February 17, 2006

Blogging Platforms

Second of a Series

Here is a list of various Blogging Services that I have come across. Some are free others are paid services.


Blogger / Blogspot... This is the service that this Blog is written on. It was recommended to me and I didn't realize at the time there were a lot more options. Fairly new site. About 1700 users so far. 27 templates to choose from.

Myspace... This is more like a homepage. Has Chat rooms, Forums and more.

MSN Spaces... This seems to be the Older Persons Version of Myspace.

Yahoo 360... This is definately a Yahoo product. Too busy for my tastes, but you may like it. A lot of people I know that work online Blogging for a living use this service.


Typepad... A Six Apart company, prices range from $4.95/m to $14.95/m Services vary according to price.

Moveable type... Also Six Apart. Professional Versions. Buy the program for your own Website. Prices up to $1,295.99

There are many more of these type services out there, but this is a good starting point. Check them out to see which one fits your tastes.

Tomorrow... Blog Submission Sites

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