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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Working Off-line is Important Too

There is almost as much work for you to do Off-line as Online when trying to conduct business on the Internet.

Probably the most important and least observed portion of Working at Home on the Internet, is Back-up. You need to make sure all of your files are completely and safely backed up on a regular basis. How often depends on the type of business you are running.

Most home computers these days have at least a CD-RW drive, which is sufficient if there isn't too much new content involved. For very active sites, ones that are updated often, I would suggest using a Zip drive. They can usually be plugged into your USB port and installed with minimal effort.

Another thing to consider is your Anti-virus and Firewall. These should be updated on a regular basis. All of them have websites for downloading updates. Make sure you actually run the programs regularly, so as to make sure your computer is free of the many viruses, adbots and spybots that circulate continually.

Next, consider how you want to keep your statistics off-line. You can always find some type of an accounting program that will fit your needs. Or, you may be the type that prefers pencil and paper. Either way, you will not be doing it all online, even if that's the source of the information.

Speaking of accounting programs, you will probably need to do your accounting off-line. Not everyone or every bank conducts accounting business online. Actually, the majority of us need to go to the bank once in a while.

While you can research most things online, you may still need to look elsewhere for inspiration or information. It may just be easier to read a trade magazine, as opposed to spending hours looking on the web for something already at your fingertips.

Since every business is different, the need to conduct a certain amount of that business off-line will vary. However, I think the ones I suggest are the minimum requirements for any Online Business to conduct Off-line.

If you think there is anything of importance I missed, please use the comment section to share your thoughts.

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