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Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Trek to Working at Home

Working at Home on the Internet is not the way I started out. Mine has been a long trek, ranging from moving furniture to cutting down trees. The only thing they all had in common was the independence.

In the Beginning

Of course, I had "regular"jobs, working in an office (which I hated) and sitting at a desk in front of a computer. I did, however, learn a lot about computers in that job (that I liked). I started as a bill collector, learned the system the company was using, and ended up being a manager running an auto-dial interface with their mainframe.

The thing that was always missing, even while I was a manager, was the independence. So, I started my own part-time business collecting medical bills. I got "involuntarily resigned" for having a competing business.

Being fired was actually the best thing that ever happened in my business life. I started consulting for the same company that fired me, and they paid me a lot more than when I was an employee.

I still consult for them, but on a limited basis, since they changed computer systems.

Enter the Internet.

I had been using the internet for research and the like, and since things were slow consulting, I started trying to find ways to make money on the Web.

I tried everything. I Read E-mails, did Surveys, Auto-surfed, anything I thought I could make a living doing. That's when I (virtually) met *Sean Gum, of **Magnificent Money infamy and I got involved in their affiliate program.

From that I started Blogging with no real direction in mind. I had his affliliate links on the Blog, but never made any money from them. In trying to find a way to consolidate my consulting skills and Blogging I started Working at Home on the Internet (original name: Self Improvement by Working at Home).

That leads to today.

I do have some affiliate links, and advertisements on the Blog to make money. But, my main emphasis is trying to give people an insite into what it takes to Work at Home using their computer to make a living.

How did you decide to start Working at Home?

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