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Friday, March 10, 2006

Watch Your Keywords

While going over some of the articles I use for research, I came across something I found both amusing and disturbing.

The article in question is about Working at Home. It really turns out to be a positive post on the subject of finding a niche. But I think the use of Keywords leaves a lot to be desired.

Excerpt from: Work at Home Is A Reality…Don’t Give Up!

Ads by Goooooogle

Karen's K-9 CareDaycare.
Grooming. Boarding. Trng. Our passion drives our

Pet Supplies at PetSmart
Exactly what great pet parents need That's Smart -

"First of all, in order to get an online business going you will need to find your niche. Have you considered what you would enjoy doing? Take a subject or product that you have some knowledge and/or interest in. You wouldn’t want to be selling pet supplies when you can’t stand animals and have no knowledge of their care. Or your hobby is daily target practice at the neighbor’s cat! It really is difficult to sell something you know nothing about or don’t care about."

Not only does the Ad not reflect the theme of the article, it doesn't even reflect the tone of the paragraph it was derived from... hobby is daily target practice at your neighbor's cat... I don't think the advertisers had that in mind.

It is important to use keywords in articles, but make sure they are pertinent to the subject you are really writing about.

When using AdSense, don't forget that the ads are computer generated. No one reads your copy before sending the ads to your site.

Now, I hope I don't get Ads for Pet Food after showing you this. Please let me know if I do...
I used the < 'h' > tag to help in identifying keywords.


The < 'h' > tag didn't work, as I'm sure you noticed.

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