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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Refresh Your Mind

On a beautiful day like today (75 degrees F), I like to sit outside on the patio and go over my old writings, thoughts, designs and ideas.

While I was designing the Web Site*, I did it all on paper. It seemed like a good way to visualize how it should look. Drawing on paper can start out as just a doodle, and get as graphic as I want or need it to be. All done sitting on the patio.

Actually, when I work like this it is relaxing. It's almost like I'm not working at all. It's a good way to get the thought process going.

Most times, while I am going over stats or trying to find ways to improve my business while inside I get so involved I can't see the forrest for the trees. I start to stagnate. So, my way of reinvigorating is to work outside to clear my mind.

I feel that by taking a break from the mundane and tedious tasks inside, it is much easier to accomplish what needs to be done. When I am refreshed, it is easier to complete the work at hand.

With spring coming on, I will be able to spend more time outside. The biggest problem I run into is, I work on the computer. If I could afford a laptop, I would get one so that I wouldn't be tied to the desk (top). So, I'll just have to adjust my schedule so I can spend more time outside to get fresh air and rejuvenate.

How do you rejuvenate and refresh your mind to accomplish more?

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