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Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Technorati Problems

The other day Liz at Successful Blog* posted a really nice story about Technorati. It was set in the days of olde, and there was a happy ending and all...

The reason for bringing this up is My Blog hasn't been updated by Technorati** for (as of today) 11 days. Now, you all know I post every day. It stands to reason I ping all the services right after I post.

It gets worse. The WAH Archive page hasn't been updated for 53 days. And the PolBlog, which I only update every week, was last updated 4 days ago. I can't explain that.

Although, it is nice that Liz and all who were involved got it resolved, mine still remains lost in the mix. I haven't written E-mails complaining. Not that Liz complained (she's the nice one), but she did know who to write to.

I understand that Technorati tracks 33.1 Million Blogs, but I don't understand the inconsistencies.

I thought the reason they have a pinging service is so that subscribers could notify Technorati when a Blog was updated. This should take some of the burden off them, and a site should be updated at least that day.

Am I the only one still having problems with Technorati updates?

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