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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Be Professional

When dealing with clients, customers or people in general, there is one thing you must remember. Be Professional. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I am not the preachy type, but I feel in business the only way to treat each other is with Respect.

The recent debate regarding an "unnamed" Blog and Designer shows what Not to do. I'm sure most of you have an idea of the situation.

The Blog Owner contracted the Designer to revamp the look and feel of his Blog. He put his own 2 cents in until the Blog looked nothing like the New Design the Designer intended. That being the case, the Designer respected the Blog Owner enough to follow his wishes. (even though she wasn't happy with his decisions).

After the launch of the New Design, commentors on the Blog dissed the New Design. Enough so, that the Blog Owner made disparaging remarks about the New Design himself. He even went so far as to run a post on his personal Blog highlighting another Designer and suggesting that this design would be better for his Blog.

To me this shows nothing but Disrespect for the Original Designer.

This whole fiasco could have been avoided by taking a few things into consideration:

~~ Work together to get a satisfactory Design. The Designer apparently wasn't happy with her own work because of the restrictions placed on her. The Blog Owner doesn't seem to be very enthused with the New Design, as attested by his recent post.

~~ If you're not happy with the Design, Don't launch the New Design until you are satisfied that it is what you want.

~~ Discuss any wanted modifications in Private. Don't launch the New Design then decide that you don't like it because you get a few bad reviews by readers.

~~ If you are not happy with the New Design, part company with the Designer, pay her for the work she has invested, and go your separate ways.

~~ Always act in a Professional manner. There is No Reason to try to embarrass someone publicly whether you are unhappy with their work or not. As long as the other person acted professionally, then all your business, beginning to end, should be conducted that way.

~~ If you were so concerned with your readers response to the New Design, then you probably should have had a contest or a vote on various designs Before the actual launch.

The only way to have a successful business relationship is to always be Professional. If you act professionally, and treat your client/customer with respect, you can expect the same in return. This will be an advantage in any future dealings, and will build your reputation as a Professional.

I know you know the parties I am referring to, so, how would you have handled the situation?

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At 5:08 AM, Blogger Jesse Skinner said...

??? Sorry, I don't know the parties involved :P

At 8:49 AM, Blogger Joseph said...

Hey Jesse,

I didn't use the names of the parties because that is not really important.

The jist of the post was how to work through a problem as client/contractor.

I think the only way to handle any situation, good or bad in a business relationship is in a professional manner.



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