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Friday, May 12, 2006

Page Views vs Unique Hits vs Return Visits

Statistics are the way to measure how well a business is doing. This is true of any type of business whether it is online or offline and any combination of both.

When you Work at Home on the Internet as I do, some of the best ways to take the pulse of the business is through some type of Stat Counter. These services, usually some type of plug-in, measure Page Views, Unique Hits and Return Visits for the most part.

All three work hand in hand to give you an idea of what your visitors are doing once they find your page.

Page Views... These are important because they will give you an idea how people navigate your site. They let you know which pages are the most viewed, how long they stay on each page and when (in some cases where) they go. This can tell you the most popular pages and help in focusing your efforts.

Unique Hits... These are something that you need to watch as well because they will give you an indication of how many New Visitors you are getting. You need an influx of unique or new visitors in order to generate revenue. This is one reason people concentrate on SEO as this is a major way to get people who are looking for your product.

Return Visits... They are a good indication of the popularity of your site. If people have been there before and return, they probably left with a positive response to what you have presented in the past. Again, this can help in knowing where to concentrate your efforts used in conjunction with Page Views.

I have personally focused on the Navigation portion of my site in the recent past. This has raised my Page Views quite a bit. Although the Unique Hits have not gone up quite as dramatically, the amount of time people stay on the site has.

This shows me that I have succeeded in making the navigation easier for the newcomer as well as the return visitor.

Through the use of my stat counter package, I also know that I need to concentrate on improving my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improve the content of my posts to enhance the readers experience and hopefully turn them into Return Visitors.

Which statistic do you most need? How does it help you know where to focus?

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