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Saturday, May 13, 2006

International Flavor

Yesterday Liz over at Successful Blog* had a post referencing David Sifry's statistics** on languages being submitted to T-rati.

According to Dave's post the state of the Blogosphere is changing quite a bit. Where English was the primary language used in Blogging a few years ago, it has fallen into 2nd place. You should read Dave's post to find out some of the possible reasons for this and for full stats. At least one of which is the frequency Japanese Bloggers post and using their cellphones to post.

As it stands now:

Japanese 37%
English 31%
Chinese 15%
Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Dutch and German between 1% and 3%
All Others 4%

What I would like to do is add a little different flavor. In communicating with Liz, she as agreed to share some of her statistics by country at one point in one day. These statistics change by the hour as people around the world are waking up, going to bed, going to work and getting home at different times (or the same time).

Liz's Stats by Country at 2pm Chicago time

48% Sweden
32% US
9% UK
7% Germany
2% Bulgaria
1% Italy

My Stats by Country at 3pm EDT (2pmChicago)

67.39% United States
5.43% Norway
5.43% United Kingdom
4.35% Philippines
4.35% Canada
4.35% Malaysia
3.26% Australia
2.17% Indonesia
2.17% India
1.09% South Africa

This may be comparing apples to oranges since both Liz and I are in the US and English is our primary language, but it is meant to show the International Flavor of Blogging. No matter what language you use, Blogging and reading Blogs has and is continuing to grow.

** Dave Sifry's Post

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