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Sunday, May 07, 2006

This Weeks Helpful Reads...Week 4

This is an ongoing series of interesting and helpful reads that I have come across on the Internet.

I try to include the most helpful articles and links each week to provide the widest range of information for the home business entrepreneur.

The myth of "keeping up" by Kathy Sierra... Do we really need all the journals, magazines, and everything else we "plan" on reading?

Getting Customers to Stop by to See You by Liz Strauss... Liz gives some insight into the similarities of customers at trade shows and blog readers.

Making Money While Others Do the Work by Darren Rowse... Darren explains how good business relationships early on, pay off in the long run.

Benefits of Working From Home by Dominic Foster... A worthwhile article on the benefits of working at home.

How to Make Money From Your Blog by Steve Pavlina... Steve explains in detail how he went from $4/day to $200/day without all the paid marketing and promotion.

I hope you find some of these articles informational and helpful. I think they will be enjoyable reading nonetheless.

~~~ All the above can be considered infected with the Link-Leak Virus ~~~

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