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Friday, May 19, 2006

Content Is King

"Content is King" I am not sure who coined that phrase, but it all so true. I was going over some of my statistics on pageviews yesterday, and I found more reasons to ensure that your content is good, timely and topical.

There is a listing in the sidebar for Most Viewed Articles. I got the information from my statistics. One of my best viewed articles Help Save Internet Neutrality*, was the highest amount of pageviews/unique visitors I have had to date.

Granted it was a spike in the stats for the day, and went down slightly as time passed, but it shows me how important being topical is to getting new visitors. My PV's have leveled off since then, but are still higher than prior to that post.

I have seen this effect when I have an article that people are interested in, but usually it is something in the content that lead them to my page. An example is that people are always searching for "scam" with various company names. That usually leads them to the Scam or Legit** page, which contains various companies I have dealt with on the internet.

Some people will tell you to make sure your content is Keyword Rich, which is an important tip, but don't do it at the expense of your content. Make sure your posts are readable and make sense regarding the subject about which you are writing. If the keywords fit into the conversation, then use them.

There are many times that you will find new readers through searches using keywords and phrases you never thought of in regard to your posts. So, your whole post becomes a list of keywords and phrases by which people searching for your subject can find you. Remember... "Content Is King"

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