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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chitika vs AdSense vs ClickBank

I have heard so much about Google AdSense, I tried it out. Not much sucess there, although they do Target Ads to your readers as advertised. Only one (1) click in a month and a half.
Not too good when you get paid per click.

So then I tried ClickBank, even though I have only had it on my site for around two weeks, Nothing yet.

Next is Chitika Inc, it's supposed to be an eyecatcher therefore more clicks?
I don't know, I applied to them almost a week ago and they STILL haven't replied. They never even sent an acknowledgement! How reliable will will they be on reporting and PAYMENT?

Maybe, I just don't get enough hits on my site, but at least the First Two responded quickly to my signup. The Latter, to date, has not.

This shows me two important things:
1. NO ad will make you money if you don't get the visits to your site.
2. Choose wisely when looking for someone to advertise on your site.

The Saga continues...

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