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Thursday, January 12, 2006

How To...

In my search for something to write about yesterday, I found an article by Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger. It lists 9 Ways to Screw up Your Professional Blog.

I will only list them here because I want you to visit Darren's Blog and read the whole article. For best effect, read the comments from other readers.

1. Ignore Ad Network Rules...

2. Make Big Claims (you) Won't Follow Through on...

3. Start and Give up on Blog Projects as Quickly as Possible...

4. Game Google...

5. Become Obsessed with One Element of Blogging and Ignore the Rest...

6. Hide Agendas and Conflicts of Interest from your Readership...

7. Quit Your Job and Go Pro Now!...

8. Plagiarize, Steal and Give as Little Credit to Others as Possible...

9. Blend In with the Crowd...

He also gives Bonus Tips on how to screw things up.

So, if you are considering Professional Blogging, READ DARREN'S POST FIRST!!!

Darren, if you read this, please understand that this is meant show respect and thanks for all I have learned from you. J.

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