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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Vendeta is Over

Last night I finally called and cancelled AO Hell (previous post). They did (repeatedly) try to talk me out of cancelling, offering me Free Service for a Month, telling me their security was the "best", giving me almost as much of a Sell as a New Customer.

So as not to digress too much, I Did Finally get Verizon DSL (previous post). I'm still waiting for the Wireless Router to connect the wife's computer, but I am online now with DSL. It IS much faster than any dial-up connection (even 56k), which I already knew. The best part is that it doesn't kick me off-line every 5 minutes.

I know I really should have done this Long ago, but at the time I didn't have too many options. At this point there is some income from the business, not enough to consider it full time, but enough to justify upgrading.

Now my biggest problem with AOL is moving all the e-mail and files the wife needs to the new server. I would much rather this "problem" than the alternative.

As a side note: AOL (now) offers a Free E-mail service. I think they are trying to play catch-up. Too Little Too Late...

Let me know about your experiences with any IP good or bad.

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