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Monday, January 09, 2006

Page Ranking

Something I have fretted over long and hard the past few months is Page Ranking.

Some people swear by it and say that you can't get enough exposure if you don't have a Good SEO strategy. This could well be true, if all you want is for people to see your name.

Even some people who have had First Page Ranking, and have since fallen off, want that all evasive and allusive Placement at the Top of Page One.

I have searched for This Site on Google (good luck) and unless you look on the Blog Search, you will never find it. Apparently, no matter what type RSS setup you have, if it is a Blog, you will Only be found in Blog Search.

It seems to me that unless you are paying for Page Rank, you will not get noticed. Yes, Google does have a Pay for Rank system, even though they deny it.

I have also listed with MSN and Yahoo. For a time the listings seemed to be picked up by both with various results, depending on how you searched. Now, it seems Yahoo continually times-out when crawling my site (something else to fret about?). MSN seems to be fine crawling and finding me (so far).

The most dependable way I have found to get new readers is to be Active in Forums, Comment on Related Blogs and to Exchange Links with reputable sites that are Work at Home oriented.

Although having a Good SEO and Page Rank may be important, it is Not the Only way to build Readership add Page Views.

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