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Thursday, January 19, 2006

In The News

I don't know if you have ever heard of Alex Tew. He is the young (21 yrs old) Brit that started the Million Dollar Homepage. What he did was sell pixels by the dollar (1 block for $100).

Now you may say this is Not News... but after he succeeded in selling all 1,000,000 pixels on the homepage, he was attacked by hackers.

A group calling itself "The Dark Group" sent an E-mail to Tew demanding $50,000 within 72 hours or face having his Million Dollar Homepage 'taken down'.

He ignored the threat and shortly thereafter, his site was hit with a distributed denial of service. This effectively made his site crash, by sending junk to his site and overwhelming the server.

He said the site now works normally.

Tew, from Wiltshire, England, said he informed the American FBI because his site is hosted in the United States.

Extortion cases targeting Web sites are occurring with greater frequency world wide.

As far as I know Tew still has the $1,000,000 in tact and plans to pay for his education with the money he earned.

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