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Monday, January 16, 2006

An Old Post

This is a post of mine from back in October. I thought it was worth repeating since I see the question of easy money on the Internet coming up all the time in all the forums.

Anyone that tells you Working at Home is easy and only takes a couple of hours a week, only told you half the truth.

It is easy, no commute, no waiting for the bus in the rain, no traffic, etc. BUT... If you want to succeed, especially in the beginning, you will have to put in A LOT more than a COUPLE HOURS.

It's no different than starting ANY BUSINESS. It takes HARD WORK. It takes a PLAN. It takes DEDICATION. It takes YOU.

Forget all the Ads that promote "Make $1000 your first week" or "Would you like to make SIX FIGURES your first year?". You have a better chance at winning the Lottery. Working at Home may even set you back a few dollars in the beginning.

I'm not trying to push you away from Self Employment in any way, but you need to evaluate all aspects of Working at Home including the time and effort it will require.

If you have the DESIRE and DEDICATION, you can SUCCEED.

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