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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Something I have learned over time (Blogging in particular) is that "all good things come to those who wait".

If anyone has ever looked at some of my first posts, they will see that I had NO Idea how long it would take to achive even the basics of Blogging. My First post was introducing myself and my intentions. My Second post I was wondering WHY No one had Commented on my First Post.

Silly, when I look back, but that is the way a lot of people look at Working at Home. They expect things to happen overnight. They Don't... there is No such thing as Overnight Success.

You have to Work Hard, Invest Time (and money) and expect to fail as much as succeed, even if you have a Good Game Plan. When you start Any Business, Work at (from) Home or otherwise, you have to persist in your efforts. You must Not Give Up just because your first attempt may not be what you expect.

Review the steps you have taken. Fix the Mistakes and Learn from them and you can Succeed. Given time, along with enough directed effort, you can make your business viable in whatever venue you choose.

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