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Friday, January 13, 2006

My Dilemma

The Vendetta is not over, it has just changed.

(Beware: Rant ahead)

I finally got the "right" equipment from Verizon. I have been using the Westell 6100 (not wireless) for the past two weeks. It seems to work really well. However, I need a wireless router modem to connect both computers we use.

I did finally get the new Actiontec GT704WG Wireless router and have been on the phone with Tech Support with Verizon for two (2) straight days and nights (last night I got off the phone at 11:30pm).

After that amount of time, I actually got to talk to someone who knew a little about the real problem. I have USB. The router modem is supposed to be compatible with USB, however, Windows XP can't find the driver for the new equipment.

Everyone up to this point has told me that I need Ethernet... I don't have Ethernet, which is why I Ordered the USB Compliant Device. The guy last night tells me that I need to Enable the Local Area Connection, but can't tell me how because Microsoft Windows License forbids it.

He did tell me that I could look it up on the Google, but again can't tell me how, since I can't get a connection. The only way I even see a Local Area Connection is when the original modem is attatched. When I connect the new modem router, it is Not There.

I know I'm the one that is supposed to have the answers, but I Need Your Help in solving this problem. This is not a ploy or a joke, at this point I can only re-install XP and hope that resolves the issue. (I'm not too sure how well that will work).

If you or anyone you know can help, either leave a comment or E-mail me.

Thanks... J.

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