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Monday, January 30, 2006

MagMoney Shutting Down

I received an E-mail this morning from Sean Gum. Effective 2/1/2006 the Magnificient Money Affiliate Program is shutting down.

This probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but it does to me for a couple of reasons.

1. Sean introduced me to Blogging.

When I first started looking for something to do in the field of Working at Home, Internet or otherwise, I came across the Magnificient Money Affiliate Program. It was not the first, but Sean took an active interest and had good contact information.

He sent me E-mails with suggestions on how to make money online. He suggested starting a blog on Of course, he wanted me to include my affiliate links for all the programs, which I did. Another introduction was to PayPal, which in turn, gave me a way to get paid.

2. Sean gave me a list of places to submit the Blog for exposure.

I listed the ones I submitted to some time ago (here). He explained the importance of having my site listed with RSS feeds (also in that post). He always followed up with an E-mail to keep abreast of my progress and always had words of encouragement.

All of this was FREE.

He did suggest an automated program ($250) to have posts submitted everyday. Even though I declined that offer, telling him I would rather write my own posts, he continued to be supportive.

All of this sounds like the perfect business relationship for an MLM. And it is, if the product is something that will sell. The problem is, I got plenty of clicks, but no one signed up for the program (at least not from my links).

So, even though I had already made the decision to discontinue the relationship (not profitable), I Do Appreciate the fact that Sean Gum took an active interest. He gave me direction and a means to Working at Home on the Internet.

I hope others can find the same inspiration by reading what I write, that I found working with Sean.

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