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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Business Resolution Results

In looking over my New Year's Resolutions, I found that I have succeeded in following through on most of them. Although almost every one is an ongoing process, I have made some progress in keeping each of them.

Here are the Resolutions and the Results of each:

1. Build Readership... I have actually increased readership by quite a bit. I could give you percentages, but that could be misleading and I don't feel giving actual numbers is appropriate. Suffice it to say that readership has increased significantly but still needs improvement.

2. Increase Networking... This too has been successful to an extent. I have traded links with a couple of sites so far, and will continue to do so as long as they are relevant to the content of the Blog. I have also joined a few more Forums and try to participate as much as possible. When I visit any of the other Blogs I read, I will leave comments, as long as they are relevant to that post.

3. Improve Tracking... I have definitely made some inroads here. I changed the page view counter I had to StatCounter (this will give you an idea of #1). Since the change I can follow which site and page gets the most views, geographic stats, length of visit, and leaving page. I also added Channels to the Ads I use, this gives me an idea of which ad and location gets the most activity.

4. Number of Posts... Although I am still posting only once a day on this Blog, I have increased the Updates on the Webpage to no less than every other day. At this point I think that a further increase would detract from the content I am trying to provide. I would rather people read what I write and not just glance and leave.

5. Tweak Ads... With the new approach of using channels for the ad providers, I am in the process of making a decision on each ad and it's placement. This will done continually.

6. Involve Readers... This has been the most daunting of all. I have yet to find a way to get people to respond to my posts, even when I ask directly for comments and provide links within the post. I think if I give more pertinent information, I may be able to evoke some response.

7. Update Business Plan... This is an ongoing process. I have changed my reviews to weekly for the time being as the situation changes more often since I enacted numbers 1 thru 6.

Let me know how you faired in keeping some of your Business Resolutions so far.

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