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Friday, January 27, 2006

New 90 Day Policy for AdSense

Today I found out that Google's AdSense referral program has changed. It was, when I started using them, a good deal. Refer someome to AdSense and you get $100 after the referee made their first $100.

Now it seems, without notice, they changed it to $100 if your referee makes $100 within 90 days.

I know from experience that a new AdSense account takes time to build, much longer than 3 months. I don't know how they expect anyone or any company to continue referring people if they know that the likelyhood of getting payment is nill.

Originally, I put the AdSense referral chicklet in the sidebar to help my readers find a legitimate way to make money with their Blog or Web page. I still feel that it could help someone financially by signing up for the AdSense program.

Although I have not made any money from the referrals, I have determined that it should remain on my Blog. Hopefully, this will still give people the opportunity to make money online.

So, Click away, and hope that you make $100 in the first 3 months for both our sakes.

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