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Friday, January 20, 2006

US Government Wants Googles Search Records

When I read the headline "Google rejects a White House query" in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning, it peaked my interest. After I read the whole article, I began to get worried.

The US Government wants a list of All the Search Requests entered into Google Search's engine for an as yet unspecified week. It also wants One Million randomly selected Web Addresses from various Google databases.

The pretext for this is to track Pornography and prove that Internet filters do not adequately prevent children from accessing objectional material. (I personally think it is the Parents Responsibility to Monitor what their children are doing Online).

Obtaining the information from Google would help the government "to understand the behavior of current Web Users, and to estimate how often Web Users encounter harmful-to-minor material in the course of their searches," wrote the Justice Department in a brief filed Wednesday.

Although other unidentified Search Engines have complied with the Bush Administrations Subpoenas, Google Has Not. I applaud Google.

I am not (ashamedly) sure what Number Amendment covers the Right to Privacy, but I know that this is crossing the boundary of it's intent. I wrote an article on my WAH Archive Blog that covered the Bush Administrations leap into the great abyss by ignoring the First Amendment.

If you Work at Home on the Internet, or use the Internet for your own enjoyment, this Will affect you. I hope you will write your congressman(woman) if you agree that we are all slowly losing our rights.

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